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Report: Classifying K-12 Blended Learning

By Heather Staker and Michael B. Horn | Blended Learning

As blended learning continues to expand across the K-12 sector, definitions are important to help people talk about the new phenomena.

By Heather Staker and Michael B. Horn of Innosight Institute

Online Learning | Disruptive Innovation in Progress

by Michael B. Horn | filed under Online Learning | eSchool News

Online learning is growing and growing quickly. Many are excited about its prospects, while some are not.

In a recent article by Michael B. Horn and posted in eSchool News, Horn takes a look at where he believes Online Learning is headed and, more importantly, why.

10 Trends for Teaching and Learning in 2012

Educational Publishing has compiled and posted a list of trends expected to be at the forefront of Education in 2012. A few, such as the flipped classroom and project-based learning I expected to see. But there were a couple of surprises as well.

PBL for All | Upside Down Academy

By MichaelDFlint@EdTech
When students help each other, they develop better social skills, learn to think empathetically, and improve their communication skills.
This site is designed to make it easy to turn any lesson in to Project-Based Learning. By creating lessons to teach their peers, students do creative work that has a true benefit beyond just a grade.

Block Scheduling and the Flipped Classroom | Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

By Michael Flint @ EdTech
Block Scheduling and the Flipped Classroom are to education what peanut butter and chocolate are to Reese’s. Combining the time advantages of Block Scheduling with the instructional value of the Flipped Classroom provides an invigorating learning opportunity for students and a gratifying educational experience for the teacher.

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