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Does Cognitive Science Invalidate Project-Based Learning?

by Jonathan Fichter | filed under Project Based Learning

Two cognitive scientists and educational researchers arrive at two seeming opposed viewpoints on constructivist learning and Project based Learning in particular. Jonathan Fichter writes an interesting article and compares the two side-by-side.

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12 Ways to Know if You’re in a PBL Environment

by Ginger Lewman | filed under
Project Based Learning

Ginger Lewman of Life Practice Learning has written a helpful article on the slight but important differences between Project Based Learning and projects.

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Project Based Learning Raises Test Scores

by eSchoolNews | filed under Project Based Learning

If a project-based learning model is done well, it can increase test scores by up to 40 percent, said Robert Capraro, a mathematics professor at Texas A&M University who has studied the impact of project-based learning methods.

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Management Professors Offer Advice for Job Seekers

by Jessica Driscoll | filed under Project Based Learning | Gloucester County Times

A few management professors from Rowan’s Rohrer College of Business offered advice for new and recent graduates seeking that first job out of college and the many they will pursue throughout their professional lives.

How Project-Based Learning Builds 21st-Century Skills

by Suzie Boggs | filed under Project Based Learning

Back in 2005, West Virginia teachers took part in summer institutes where they learned how to be successful with project-based learning, a strategy for teaching 21st-century skills along with important academic content.

Read how these teachers are preparing their students for their futures.

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