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Samples, Samples, Samples | PBL Projects

By MichaelDFlint | | Project-Based Learning

Obviously, developing projects for PBL is both the most important and most difficult part of Project Based Learning. Designing projects can be simpler when you have a sample to work from. Here are links to the best samples of Project Based Learning projects I could find on the web.

7 Steps to Designing High Quality PBL

By Thom Markham | | Project-Based Learning

PBL is a far more evolved method of instruction. Well-executed PBL begins with the recognition that, as in the real world, it’s often difficult to distinguish between acquiring information and using it.

Study on the Effectiveness of Project Based Learning | InSight: RIVIER ACADEMIC JOURNAL

By MichaelDFlint@EdTEch
This article provides a review of research (2000-2011) regarding the effectiveness of project-based instruction in preschool, elementary and secondary school classroom settings, including academic, learner, and teacher response outcomes

Project Based Learning | Sample Projects by BIE

By MichaelDFlint @EdTech
When it comes to Project Based Learning, most teachers are asking for and looking for sample projects. The Buck Institute for Education has a playlist on their YouTube channel that provides just that – project samples!

PBL for All | 5 Musts for Making Project Based Learning Effective

By MichaelDFlint@EdTech
In this article The Nerdy Teacher (Nicholas Provenzano) outlines the 5 major parts of Project Based Learning that make it valuable to the classroom

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