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PBL for All | Upside Down Academy

By MichaelDFlint@EdTech
When students help each other, they develop better social skills, learn to think empathetically, and improve their communication skills.
This site is designed to make it easy to turn any lesson in to Project-Based Learning. By creating lessons to teach their peers, students do creative work that has a true benefit beyond just a grade.

PBL for Science | Pacific Education Institute

By MichaelDFlint@EdTech
Explore PEI’s website for excellent examples of science projects that fully engage the students in relevant scientific work. Students apply math, science, the arts, and social studies skills to field investigations both out-of-doors and in their classrooms.

Five Things Students Say They Want From Education

By MichaelDFlint@EdTech
In a July 2011 study by eSchoolNews, students were asked what they want in a school. Here is what students said:

PBS Learning Media | PBL Resources

By MichaelDFlint@EdTech
PBS LearningMedia, a next-generation digital media service, empowers PreK–16 educators to re-imagine classroom learning, transform teaching, and creatively engage students. Subjects include, Arts, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

“Doing Projects” versus Project-Based Learning

By John Larmer and John R. Mergendoller
Buck Institute for Education
If we wish to prepare a generation of students who can solve real-world problems, we must give them real-world problems to solve. If we want to graduate students who can manage their time and collaborate with others, we must give them guidance and practice managing their time. The older, dessert model of “doing a project” may taste sweet, but it’s not going to enable 21st century students reach 21st century learning goals.

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