Cultivate | Professional Development

Pantego Christian Academy is proud to be one of a select few private schools in the U.S. pioneering The Cultivate Project, a training course that is preparing our faculty and staff to form mentoring relationships with students and help them become well-rounded, confident young adults who are spiritualy and academically prepared to exert a positive influence on our society.

The Cultivate Project was designed by a global mentoring organization called Passing the Baton International.  It’s president, Dr. Jeff Myers, says, “The Cultivate Project provides the missing link in education today.  In a day when parents are concerned about quality education, I’m excited that Pantego Christian Academy is taking the step to make their school even better and have a profound influence on students’ lives.”

Below you will find the links to each of the videos in the Cultivate Training Course:

Introduction – Part 1

Introduction – Part 2

Chapter One – How People Grow

Chapter Two – Understanding the Emerging Generation

Chapter Three – Relational Gestures

Chapter Four – The Relational Gesture of Coaching (Part 1)

Chapter Four – The Relational Gesture of Coaching (Part 2)

Chapter Five – Cultivate Design

Chapter Six – Cultivate Wisdom

Chapter Seven – Cultivate Leadership

Chapter Eight – Getting Started as a Mentor

Chapter Nine – Finding a Mentoree

Chapter Ten – Deepening the Relationship with Your Mentoree

Chapter Eleven – Evaluating and Closing a Mentoring Relationship

Chapter Twelve – Safe and Secure: Protecting Yourself and Your Mentoree

Chapter Thirteen – Your Own Cultivation